The 10 Best Merino Wool Socks at Amazon

They’re also moisture-wicking, odor-absorbing, and incredibly comfortable.

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The 10 Best Merino Wool Socks at Amazon

As far as keeping your feet protected and dry during travel goes, few solutions are as worthwhile as a trusty pair of wool socks. This is because wool, especially merino wool, is one of the best materials out there with its lightweight yet warm, quick-drying, and odor-absorbing properties — a.k.a. everything that you’d want in a pair of socks. Travelers find them especially useful when it comes to outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and camping, making them a hot commodity in the wintertime. 

With such an impressive list of perks, it's no surprise that quality wool socks often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, we've found a plethora of top-rated, durable sets for men and women at Amazon — all under $25 — that are incredibly comfortable and feel like they should cost way more, according to reviewers. I’d definitely use this as a sign to replace and replenish your sock drawer so you can keep your feet happy and protected on your upcoming travels. Well, what are you waiting for? Scroll on to shop the 10 top-rated pairs. 

When engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, your choice of footwear is crucial, but let's not overlook the importance of the layer between your foot and the shoe. To prevent uncomfortable rubbing or chafing, it's important to be wearing a quality pair of socks. And for just that, look no further than this set of wool-cotton blend socks, offering five thermal-integrated pairs that come skier-approved. In fact, one reviewer said that their “feet never got cold” (and weren’t itchy) after wearing them for five hours on the slopes. 

These socks didn’t earn the highly-coveted spot as Amazon’s best-selling pair of women’s hiking socks for no reason — it’s because shoppers are utterly obsessed with their comfortable fit, unparalleled warmth, and long-wearing durability. In their review, one especially chipper shopper gushed that “these socks are fantastic” after wearing them to shovel snow in negative 24-degree Fahrenheit windchill weather. 

Merrell is my personal go-to brand when it comes to durable and reliable gear, so it only makes sense that it also makes top-tier wool socks. This particular set of three comes designed with a reinforced heel and toe to protect your arches and give you even more support during your trek. I’m considering snagging a pair of these socks, and you should, too.  

Dubbed Amazon’s best-selling men’s hiking socks, these Buttons & Pleats Merino Wool Socks have a reputation for feeling like “walking on clouds,” according to customers. And, they're so comfy that reviewers have encouraged other shoppers to stock up on them “so you can wear them every day." It’s hard to beat the fit, feel, and cost of these wool socks, so if I were you, I’d listen to their advice and go ahead and buy a set (or two). 

Thanks to its majority wool-blend and smart stitching, this set of five (that average out to just $4 a pair) offer a supportively snug fit that still ensures optimal airflow and effective moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. And if that isn't enough, they’re also compressive to prevent any foot swelling that may come with extended outdoor activity, as well as doubling as extra protection against the elements with their mid-calf length. 

While we, of course, love wool socks for their functionality, we can also appreciate a pair that is just as cute as it is durable. And this set of five not only comes in the usual neutral tones and sets of gray, beige, and black, but it's also available in fun pops of purple and colorful prints, too. Better yet, you can snag a set yourself for just $15 (which comes out to $5 a pair). 

Speaking of adding color, we are also super into these striped socks from Smartwool that bring a vibrant touch to your everyday routine. And we’re not the only ones — one shopper shared that their “the entire family loves them” and, even though they may seem a bit pricey for one pair of socks, they noted that buying them is a long-term investment “that won’t need replacing.” 

After I read that one Amazon customer has loved Smartwool socks "for years” and has bought pairs for their entire family (and further gushed that they aren’t bulky and instead, are incredibly comfortable and warm), I had to place an order for myself to see what all the fuss is about. Between its cushioned footbed and breathable material, these may just be the only socks that you’ll ever need (or want) to buy again. 

My good friend and Travel + Leisure contributor Alice Bennet has preached to me and our friends about the unbeatable comfort and durability of Darn Tough socks. In fact, I never knew that someone could be so passionate about a pair of socks until I met Alice, and since then, I’ve been slowly integrating more and more pairs into my wardrobe because, when it comes to hiking and outdoor gear, recommendations don’t get better than hers. 

If your feet are always cold in the winter, it’s a sign that you need better socks. And while wool socks are a year-round staple, they really come in handy during the cold-weather months. Consider adding this genius set that is designed with a soft fleece interior for even more warmth and cushioning. What's more, you can snag this set of five while they’re on sale for just $20 today.

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The 10 Best Merino Wool Socks at Amazon

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